Reseller Interface :
VR Infosoft Software’s resellers interface allows the reseller to sell our SMS, text messaging solutions in a specific market and provide consulting services to its clients totally under his branding. For example, you could implement a web service similar to VR Infosoft customize its look and feel to fit your client´┐Żs requirements, organize connectivity with SMS centers and build payment processing links. You would get a sales commission from us and you would also generate billable hours for the valuable support you offer to your client. Our resellers must adhere to strict standards that we publish and must be certified. This also requires a minimum monthly financial commitment. The reseller is responsible for billing and first level support for direct customers and support and training of its clients.
For more information on becoming a our Reseller please click here to leave your contact information. One of our representatives will contact you shortly.
Features of your SMS Hosted gateway / SMS Plug in for your website:
* Create your gateway with your own logo banner etc
* Put your site colors background images etc
* Links to your contact and home page
* Links for the banners that you display
* Web control panel
* Convenient user administration
* Turn users accounts on or off
* Account Expiry dates can be set
* Assign message credits per user
* Send advertising tags on out going SMS
* System image library to help create your gateway
* Registration page with your logo and colors
* Test SMS page with your logo colors etc
* Lost password page for your users
* Lost password email to your users with login info
* Email intimation to webmaster on new registrations
* Customized group email to all your users
* Customized Balance group email for all users
* Automatic email generation for activation
* Automatic SMS generation for activating accounts
* Account status and balance display
* Convenient email broadcast to your user base
* Set all email signatures and sender information
* Host your gateway using IP# or sub-domain
* Send an SMS to over 480+ networks around the world
* Send SMS from applications using HTTP or SMPP
* Send Single or group SMS
* Convenient address book feature to store mobile numbers
* Web SMS for anywhere convenience
* Free MS EXCEL Plugin
* Integration tools and API’s
* Complete accounting of sent messages
* Text binary and unicode messages
* GSM and CDMA termination
* Alphabet(SIX Character) sender ID with Transactional SMS
For becoming Tirupati Technosys Reseller Please contact sales@tirupatisms.com