Services for SMSC operators
  • SMPP Backend development (SMSC-SMPP)
    Customized SMPP SMSC development/deployment for SMSC to SMSC SMS services on Linux (Python, MySQL, PhP based) and on Windows
  • SMPP Frontend development (ESME-SMPP)
    Multi Level Reseller Based Onlilne Application development with SMPP/HTTP connectivity support, real time operator report, MIS, multiple connectivty with route management, client/size priorty for sms delivery
  • Dedicated staff for Service Support and Training
Services for Bulk SMS Reseller’s
  • 3 Tier Multi Level Reseller Based Onlilne Application
    Reseller can create Clients, Corporate Clients, Reseller’s in his downline network.
  • Reseller Branding
    Complete Reseller Branding support, reseller customize Logos, URL, email messages in their own BRAND.
  • Reseller Own Route Support
    Multiple Route Support with SMPP/HTTP connectivity Reseller’s can add their own SMPP, HTTP API based routes to the web Interface
  • Support for Real Time operator Reports
    Web Interface Support for real time operator report thru SMPP ESME or web api callback url from provider
  • Extened Realtime MIS Reports
    One Click MIS for Self,Clilentwise,DNET – Direct Network, ONET- OtherNetwork, ANET- All Network wise Hourly, Daily, Monthly Send SMS reports and thats not all you can add route filter, operator filter, India Region filter and Scheduled SMS filter on these reports saves lot of time and provides all the summary/Information for Bulk SMS send by you,your clients, or their downline network
  • Dual Accounting System Support
    You can setup Allocation wise Accounting or user usage accounting system for your downline resellers or corporate accounts with or Without Overselling options
  • Static/Dynamic SenderID Management support
    Complete SenderID management support for resellers and their clients to provide multiple senderID’s
  • SMS Priorty: Send SMS Bulk sizewise and clientwise priorty for sms delivery
  • Dedicated staff for Service Support and Training
Developers can also incorporate SMS into their application or systems using our HTTP API or SMPP GatewayEasy SMS messaging for business and corporate sms or even personal use. Bulk SMS can be used in various ways to save
you time and money.

We can provide you with an integrated solution for sending SMS messages in bulk. We can provide you with a web-based SMS management system which is extremely intuitive and functional way to send individualised, bulk text messages. We also provide Various Connectivity Options viz HTTP/SMPP/API’s if required to connect directly to our SMS Center (use for any application like client server applications etc) from any software applications
Features of Our Bulk SMS Service:
*  No Setup Fee
*  Personal Sender IDs or Originator IDs
*  Single and Bulk Messaging – Grouping Functionality
*  Free Integration with your existing software/website.
*  Message scheduling for later delivery
*  Providing Web based Interface, HTTP API, Direct SMSC,Group SMS
*  Instant Delivery
*  Lowest Prices
*  ALL Networks in India Supported including BSNL and MTNL
SMS Marketing
SMS marketing is a very effective low cost marketing tool.SMS offers a direct marketing channel to customers, as this business communication channel is in the pocket of every one of your customers.

There many ways that your company can take advantage of sms marketing.

Businesses can use SMS in various way, such as:

Business to Employee Communications
  • Monitoring and Alerts – Many systems need to be constantly monitored for errors and performance issues. SMS can be linked to alert systems to notify key personnel of potential problems.
  • Contacting staff that are always on the road eg. sales, service technicians.
Business to Customer Communications
  • Marketing – There is high level of attention for any message received by a individual and since SMS is limited to 160 characters the whole message is read leading to a higher than average response rate.
  • CRM – send appointment confirmations and reminders.
Short-code Services
A SMS short code is a 5 digit number, provided by mobile network operators, on which data (SMS) can be sent by subscribers of the mobile operators. SMS Short codes are provided to independent companies and all incoming SMS are forwarded to the servers of these service providers.
Used by advertising agencies, media companies, radio stations, TV channels, marketing savvy companies, for campaigns, contests etc. For lead generation, if backed by a campaign in print or electronic media. Advertising agencies prefer to use it as the response to their advertising campaign is measurable on parameters like numbers, time, effectiveness etc.

*  Short codes have a high top of the mind recall as they are relatively easy to remember.
*  Combined with pull sms, marketing campaign can be automated, personalized and analyzed.
*  Large reach of marketing campaign due to high mobile penetration.