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Tirupati Technosys has been in business since 2007 and have over 25000 registered online users and over 50 enterprises using our tools and services. The company has an industry standard infrastructure and a dedicated support team to ensure hassle free services to all its customers. We have physical presence (offices and local staff) in India.
Tirupati Technosys ┬ácaters to the market segment who wish to send SMS from an internet connected PC (Internet to Person – I2P) or any software application (Application to Person – A2P). These could include –
  • Individuals or Retail consumers.
  • Enterprises or Corporate consumers.
  • Software / Internet Applicatio.
The ease of use, ease of integration, zero start-up costs, feed-back through delivery reports, customized bulk push etc are features that benefit our users immensely .
Most of the retail customers use Tirupati Technosys’s website to compose and send SMS. They can also use our custom plug-ins, to extend the capabilities of their desktop applications like MS Excel to send SMS. For example, a stock broker can use the Excel plug-in to push stock alerts to all his registered customers.
Majority of our corporate customers use the API exposed by Tirupati Technosys for their business needs without investing in any expensive hardware or software. For example, a Cement manufacturer was using expensive tracking equipment to ensure that his shipments were reaching the designated resellers without any pilferage or diversion. This process did not keep the designated resellers in the loop and the resulting improvements were not significant. The manufacturer used the power of mobile phone penetration and added the capability of sending SMS using the Tirupati Technosys Gateway and started sending SMS notifications with all the shipment details to his resellers. This proved to be a cheap and effective solution for his business need. The manufacturer has now added the SMS notification module to all his plants across India.